i’m gonna stay over there, it turns out

feel free to unfollow this blog or keep following it idk whatever you like but yep gonna stay over there now

i’m gonna be over there for now. i will probably move back so don’t unfollow this account but yep

i’m not deleting this blog but i’m just moving over here i might move back idk

professorsurname replied to your post: wow i have literally nothing good to contribute to…

you should probably go to bed (so should I). when you’re less upset about leaving corey’s or whatever else is bugging you rn, you will probably be able to think more clearly about this decision

no i know i’m not going to delete that’s the thing i’ll think and think about it but i could never actually do it 

i wonder

i’m a weepy baby and i don’t want to take the bus for two days i hate travelling i just want to stay here

submit posts to me so i don’t have to think

not that i do that anyway


what would you do, what would you honestly do if you were sitting there then here comes a pair of your clothes just walking on their own

like there’s somebody wearing them but there isn’t

and started talking to you

asking why you smoked all that weed

why doesn’t mcdonalds deliver